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Here is our M/March master list! Do let me know if I have missed or mistagged anything.


Gundam Iscariot/Reunification AU, 'Clean Up' (by [personal profile] kalloway)
Reunification: Ghosts, pt. 01 and pt. 02 (by [personal profile] taichara)

And on to April's challenge, which is:


Got some girlslash? A lady bromance? Sisters (whether bound by the blood of the battlefield or the water of the womb)? Femmes fatales? This is where it all belongs. Let's have some ladies!

If your work has spoilers, please add an [S] tag to the comment title. If it has mature content, please add an [MA] tag.

This theme challenge will end on April 30th, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.
kalloway: (See Elijah Shower)
From: [personal profile] kalloway
"It's up to you." Gai was very-nearly smiling as he glanced between Kazahana and Blue Frame.

Kazahana wasn't sure what to say for a moment. She had told herself not to hope, after all. Not to dream. Proper membership and an active mobile suit combat role in Serpent Tail was one thing, but piloting Blue Frame was another. Asking for Blue Frame would have been too selfish and it wasn't as if she wouldn't have been happy with an Ame-no-Mihashira M3 or a Mass-Prod Raigo.

Blue Frame was long past its prime. Kazahana knew that. But it had been updated regularly and had accessories for every situation. Gai had finally accepted a new machine as partial payment for a long-term job which left Blue Frame in storage...

Until now.

"You're really giving me Blue Frame?" Kazahana finally questioned. She was almost afraid she was going to cry and really, she wasn't Elijah. She wouldn't cry over this.

"You've always been fond and you won't need lessons," Gai replied. Kazahana knew he was trying to play it cool - he always did - even though he knew the exact weight of what he was doing.

"Absolutely, yes!" At least she didn't have to play it too cool. Not around Gai, at least, when they were alone. He returned her enthusiastic hug with a quick squeeze and ruffled her shaggy hair, which was a bit of a surprise since she was nearly his height now.

Kazahana didn't stop smiling for the rest of the day, though no one beside Gai even saw her. There was so much to go through in Blue Frame's operating system and, well, no time like the present.


There was a lot of stuff in Blue Frame's OS and Kazahana couldn't get enough of it. She couldn't type as fast as Gai, but she could at least scroll through and find changes and see what they do and if she could work with them or if she'll have to make her own changes... Erica Simmons loaned her Michelle, one of Morgenroete's artificially intelligent computers, but so far Kazahana hadn't managed to get it - her? - to communicate with Blue Frame. Michelle had been loaded with a copy of Blue Frame's original OS for comparison, but there wouldn't be much to compare if...

[Connection request... Complete. Connection request acknowledged.... Complete. Handshake...]

"Finally!" She'd been nearly ready to go find Erica and ask for help after nearly an hour of tinkering with requests and cables.

[Handshake... Complete. Good Morning, Blue Frame.]

Kazahana blinked. Erica had told her that Michelle might surprise her, but Kazahana was also used to Lowe Gear's 8. There couldn't be that many surprises...

A moment later, she completely forgot how to breathe when all of Blue Frame's screens lit up without prompting.

[Good Morning, Michelle. Good Morning, Kazahana Azure. It's nice to 'see' you both.]

Kazahana shifted in the cockpit to prop Michelle where she could see everything at once and still reach Blue Frame's main keyboard without getting tangled in the data cables.

[It's been a very long time, Blue Frame. I have the data for your original shell OS for Kazahana to use when making modifications to be able to use you effectively in combat.]

[The original shell OS is designed with a Natural pilot in mind, but I do not recommend resetting the OS entirely. Working with Gai Murakumo's additions and adjustments will be easier.]

"I think so too," Kazahana said carefully. "My reflexes aren't as fast, though, so we'll have to... adjust the adjustments."

[That won't be an issue, Kazahana. Michelle also worked with Kira Yamato on the M1 Astrays and will be able to offer valuable suggestions.]

[I also have data on several other mobile suits with variable systems for Coordinators and Naturals, Blue Frame. We'll decide what might work best and then request a designated area for field testing.]

Kazahana took a deep breath and smiled. "Let's get started."



Gai was sitting on the hotel's sofa, looking over the morning news with a half-full mug of coffee in one hand. He barely glanced up at her.


Kazahana swallowed hard and tried to find the words.

"It's about Blue Frame. Ah... I was... I mean, when... Um..."

Gai closed the news window and eyed her. "You aren't one to be lost for words, Kazahana."

"I don't know how to say this," Kazahana replied with the tiniest of toe-bouncing fidgets. "I found out something really, really important about Blue Frame."

"Mmm? I'm not surprised." This time, Gai did smile. "Did she tell you that she asked for you to be her pilot once you were ready?"

"N-no, not quite." Feeling a little funny on her feet, Kazahana flopped on the sofa beside Gai. "She-- She--"

Gai blinked and then chuckled. "Go ahead. Ask whatever you need to. I suspect you have a lot of questions."


"I'll get you a cup of coffee."

Kazahana was fairly sure they were going to need at least the whole pot.
sarajayechan: I could never let go (Pearl/Rose)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
The wounds on her back and her shoulders didn't hurt half as much as the disapproving look on Rose's face. She laid on a bed in the sick bay, eyes full of tears, trying to remind herself that she hadn't had any choice with the enemy aiming for Rose's heart. She hadn't taken up the sword, spent all that time training and perfecting her form just to let the person she loved more than her own life fall to the likes of them.

She felt the warmth of familiar tears on her back, tears not shed only out of sorrow but meant to heal wounds. Still, the thought of Rose crying made her feel worse and Pearl bit her lip, trying to keep still so the magic could work.

"Turn over."

"Rose, I'm-"

"We've been through this before, Pearl. I've told you time and time again that I'm more than capable of handling the enemy on my own." Her tone was cold, but Pearl could sense the pain in her words. "We're supposed to be a team, not a helpless princess and her knight."

"You're not helpless, but you're still too important," Pearl said, trying not to wince as she rolled onto her back. The tears worked their magic slowly, soothing the aches and pains, and she dared to turn and face Rose. "I don't know what I'd do if we lost you."

"And I don't know what I would do if I lost you." Rose's soft hand came to rest on her cheek, and Pearl felt her heart speed up and the heat rising under her skin.


"You're important, too. And when you get yourself torn apart and broken, it hurts me. Even if you can be fixed easily, someday you might not be so lucky...don't ever make me take that chance."

Her voice failed her. Pearl shivered, more tears gathering in her eyes as she looked up at the person she loved most in the world. This is why, she thought. This is why I'd give my life for you, why you matter more than anyone ever has.

For a moment, she wanted to let those feelings pour from her. To tell Rose Quartz she loved her, wanted her all to herself, couldn't stand the thought of losing her to the enemy or to that human. You're all I have, you make me feel like I'm everything, all I want out of life is to be by your side...!

Instead, she silently leaned her cheek further into Rose's palm, managing a small smile.

"I'll be more careful in the future, I promise."

"That's all I ask." Rose draped a blanket over her, the gentle caress moving to her forehead. "Get some rest."

"Will you stay?" The selfish request left her mouth before she could stop it. Rose smiled, kneeling beside the bed.

"I will."

Despite the lingering aches in her body, Pearl slept blissfully that night.
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sarajayechan: art ♥ pixiv (Corrin/Rhajat)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
It always started with a kiss. Corrin could never refuse her girl anything, and Rhajat couldn't resist her kisses, and unless Corrin invited anyone in these quarters were theirs and theirs alone.

She straddled Rhajat's lap, hands tangling in long strands of purple hair as the kiss deepened. One of Rhajat's hands slid between them, caressing the patch of thigh left bare by the style of her pants; she had a pair of leggings to go underneath for harder battles or cold weather, but she knew how her wife liked the teasing glimpse of naked flesh the default look left.

Corrin had teased her quite a bit with those glimpses during training that morning, and during the skirmish that afternoon.

"You know what I want," she murmured against Rhajat's lips, and they tumbled onto the bed, Corrin tugging the girl's pants and underwear down. Rhajat parted her legs, one knee gently pressing against Corrin's covered folds. "Mm..."

"You'd better give me all you've got."

"Don't I always?" Two fingers carefully traced the contours of Rhajat's slick, swollen folds before thrusting into her, pumping and scissoring as she rode the girl's knee. Their mingled moans echoed off the thick walls of her quarters, their contrasting scents wrapping around Corrin and filling her senses with tart sweetness and bitter musk. Harder, faster, deeper; her fingers slick with Rhajat's fluids and her own soaking her panties. Close, closer...!

She slid her fingers out to rub Rhajat's wetness against her sensitive clit, her own rubbing extra hard against her knee, and she couldn't tell who peaked first, only feel the heat bursting under her skin and hear their cries.

They lay on the bed, a tangle of sweaty limbs in the aftermath, Corrin's cheek against her wife's soft, ample breasts.

"You realize that's only the beginning, I hope," Rhajat whispered, and Corrin shivered, knowing very well they wouldn't be leaving her quarters for at least another hour.

"I'd be disappointed if it ended here."
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sarajayechan: Disney Princess Sumia (Sumia)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
For the life of her, Robin could never figure out how someone as soft-spoken and gentle as Sumia could be so loud in bed. A true mystery for the ages, she thought, not that she objected but it both an amusing contrast and an intriguing quirk.

Tonight, though, as Sumia pinned her to the bed, Robin didn't have it in her to wonder. All she could do was gasp as Sumia kissed and squeezed her breasts, moan as she sought out every sensitive spot on her body, gasp and cry out as Sumia's tongue rasped over her sensitive core until her body shook and she felt the heat within her bubbling over.

And it didn't stop there. Two fingers slid into her pulsing core, Robin shrieking as Sumia's mouth pressed against her clit and suckled her hard. How can anyone be quiet like this? Gods, Sumia, I don't know what's gotten into you tonight, but I hope it stays...!

When her lover replaced fingers with tongue once more, Robin couldn't help raising her legs to wrap around her shoulders, pulling on her hair to bring her closer. The first climax had just barely faded and another was bubbling up inside her. It didn't take long for her to spill over, this time the aftershocks lingering as Sumia licked up every drop of her.

"Gods," she panted as she loosened her legs, Sumia raising her head and Robin could swear she was smirking. "And here I thought you'd be too tired to do anything after spending the day training with Sully."

"I thought I was, too," Sumia said, leaning against Robin's chest, "but when you came out of the baths, suddenly I had so much energy."

"And yet that still didn't stop you trying to sap mine," Robin teased, though right now she was anything but tired. "Still, I think I have enough left to return the favor..."

She flipped them over and kissed Sumia hard, sliding her fingers between the woman's legs. When the kiss broke, Sumia's signature squeals and moans filled the air.

It was a good thing their tent was so far away from the others.
sarajayechan: &hearts; <lj user="livebites"> (Athena/Juniper)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
Junie, darling, you're the best friend I've ever had. You've changed, but just barely, you're still the sweet, gentle girl I've always known. We've always told each other everything.

Well, almost everything. You've probably noticed me borrowing your lipstick here and there, letting you drink from the same soda bottle or glass as me, paying every time we go out to eat. I've kept Widget turned off when we're together.

That shawl you loaned me, I've kept it wrapped around my pillow at night. Some days I hope you forget about it and never ask for it back.

It's not that I'm afraid you'll be angry with me! I know you too well, no matter how stiff and proper you are at school you're still you when we're together. That makes it even sillier for me to be afraid to say anything.

Junie, darling, I want to ruin our friendship. Because that's what people say, telling your best friend how much you love her and want to kiss her is the quickest way to ruin everything. If it is, let it be ruined! I...I want to be more than just your best friend and one-time defense attorney! Let's be lovers, okay?

I can think it, but I can't say it to your face because what if you say no and I lose the best friend I've ever had?

Someday, Junie. But for now, I'll keep Widget turned off, watch you drink from my glass, press my cheek against your shawl every night.

For now, it's enough.

Bravely; Edea Lee -- The Life-Giving Sword

Date: 2016-04-29 03:33 am (UTC)
taichara: (crystal)
From: [personal profile] taichara
- one cut, two halves -

Smoothly, outwardly unruffled, she wheeled her blade down and to the right, slid her left foot forward. In her mind's eye she could see her opponent, taking aim at her own eyes.

Sword up, eyes front, prepare to block with the free left arm, force the blade away.

- cutting through nails, slicing through steel -

If your opponent faces you directly ...

Edea flowed from one stance to the next. The air whistled with the sound of her blade slicing past; the ancient stained wood of the flooring creaked like the most gargantuan of crickets beneath her feet as she pivoted and lunged, parried and evaded her phantom opponent.

If only that were all she needed to face: phantoms.

The fires of war were ready to burn once again.

Why. Why. Why do we keep doing this? Can't anyone manage to learn for once? Mrgrgrgr ...

Leaping sidewise away from her absent adversary, she likewise struck sidewise, and mirrored, at its phantom shoulder; pictured the counterattack, sliced through hands that were not there.

- crosswind -

She felt as if there were two swords she wielded. She hoped to wield a blade with two faces.

One brought death; death brought order and control. That was what a sword was for, after all.
But, what if she took even just one life to save countless others from that one heartless soul.
If so, then maybe she could argue that her blade could also give life.

Besides, someone has to do it and it might as well be me.

A swordmaster can choose not to kill their opponent.

She very well could choose to temper her own battles.

Are you happy with this?
No one has to die.

You don't have to die.
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