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Here is our Augenderbend master list!

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary -- Scorpio Milo, Aquarius Camus (by [personal profile] taichara)

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This is a month for sci-fi fans to indulge themselves. Tales of spaceships and far-off planets, androids and cyborgs, friendly (or not so much) races from a distant galaxy - here's where they shine. Let's have some science fiction!

This theme challenge will end on September 30th, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.

Dragonriders of Pern; original characters

Date: 2016-09-29 08:33 am (UTC)
taichara: (earthbound dragon)
From: [personal profile] taichara
'There. I knew I didn't imagine it.'

Well, it had taken three more days and two nights of watch duty, another storm, and more scuffling around than he really wanted to think about (his gloves would never be the same), but he'd found the things. Or, rather, Nifirith found them. The blue's hide was nearly grey with rock dust, and he'd bunged one claw shifting chunks of stone, but by the First Egg did he look proud of himself. Proper thing, too.

V'kir scratched along his blue's eye ridges and watched, pleased, as his dragon's eyes began to whirl greenly with pleasure at the attention. Then Nifirith leaned his head away, snorting

Of course you didn't imagine it. You thought you saw it, and I know I saw it. The things are there. They're right in front of us.

'Thank you, Nif, for that stunning insight --'

Of course. What would you do without me?

V'kir knew bloody well that he, and Nifirith, had seen something -- or several somethings -- shining dully in the rubble left behind by Fort Weyr's ancient rockslide while winging back from messenger duty (and how he hated messenger duty) between the Weyr and the Harper Hall. That rockfall dated back hundreds of Turns, according to the Records, and Faranth only knew what might've been buried under it ...

And you wanted to find out, so here we are. Kuruth wants to know what we're doing, by the way.

Kuruth -- and his rider -- could wait, so far as V'kir was concerned. He was far more interested in sweeping away the rest of the dust and dirt and cobbles that dirtied up their prizes -- whatever they were. Because, mixed in with the topmost layer of rockfall rubble, he and Nifirith had found glass. Broad, flat panes of glass, -green-black and glittering, shot through with what looked like metal filaments. Most were broken, snapped into pieces the size of V'kir's hand or maybe to the length of his forearm, but one was a hefty thing nearly as long as he was tall, and virtually intact.

Even more intriguing, Nifirith's eager excavations around the edges of the rockfall produced fragments of glass -- and metal fittings -- sunk into the lip of the Bowl itself. Whatever the glassy panels had been used for, Turns ago they were mounted to one of the highest points in the Weyr save the Talon itself.

'Makes me wonder what might've been lost under the rockslide ... Rooms, sure, but was there anything in them? The old maps say this end of the Weyr was still mostly storage and work rooms, not weyrs -- so what did old Fortians work on that needed glass mounted to the top of the caldera ...?'

Kuruth comes.

Nifirith's warning whispered into his head a scant heartbeat before a blast of icy air heralded the big bronze's arrival from between. C'va slid from his shoulder before Kuruth even settled; V'kir noted the man hadn't even bothered to close his flight jacket and couldn't help a saucy little smile.

"Good morning, Weyrleader, and that's a good way to catch a cold, like you keep reminding everyone -- what would the weyrlings think if they spotted you looking like that?"

"Stow it, V'kir."

It was a good-natured growl, but still a growl. C'va looked tired, V'kir noted, and Nifirith murmured confirmation via Kuruth; the Weyrleader had been awake nearly the entire night before, poring over old Records for some purpose of his own. Well, maybe V'kir could offer something useful, then. He pointed to his growing pile of shards, and the fittings Kuruth had all but landed on.

"In all seriousness, though, if you get yourself sick -- besides having to give over leading Fall to N'jan, you'll miss out on getting to stir up the Masterharper and probably the Mastersmith with mine and Nifirith's discoveries. Look what the rubble's been hiding all this time --"

C'va blinked once, took in the shining pile, and blinked again, wonderment slowly sparking in the soft brown of his eyes. He looked back towards Kuruth, only to discover his dragon was to all signs engrossed in silent conversation with the excitable Nifirith; sighing, he shook his head and barked a laugh.

"Let me guess, you think we should see if we can shift any of the lower rockfall ..."

"Could it hurt to try? We can bring in whers to check for any danger. Think of what might be buried under there, Weyrleader -- and in the middle of this murderous Pass, I think we could all use something to be optimistic about, yeah?"

C'va sighed again, shook his head again; but he was smiling, taking in the glass and feeling inklings of curiosity already taking root.

"By the egg of Faranth, V'kir, you should have been a Harper. Or did Nifirith manage to persuade Kuruth to pursuade me? Bah, it doesn't matter. You talk a fair point, and ... you know, I'd like to know what we've lost, myself. It'd be a fair distraction from ... all the other losses, these last few Turns.

"Come down from here and meet me in the Records Room once you've cleaned up. We've got some discussing to do."

With that, the Weyrleader climbed back up Kuruth's shoulder, the bronze springing skyward the moment he'd snapped his straps into place. V'kir watched them wink between and was startled when Nifirith nudged him between the shoulders with his muzzle, rumbling.

Come on, why are you waiting? Now you can find more history you'll need to remind me about.

Let's go --


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