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Hark! It is the Pornovember master list!

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Fates, Male Corrin/Niles, "Never Been" (by [personal profile] sarajayechan) (content warning: sexual abuse and violence)


Jessie/Cassidy, "Jump" (by [personal profile] sarajayechan) (content warning: spanking, swearing)

December's challenge is:


It's mecha time! This is the month for everyone to let their giant robots out to play. Gundam, Robotech, Macross, Voltron - you name it and it has giant robots, it's perfect for this month. 'Bot it up!

This theme challenge will end on December 31st, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.

Triskelion; Ismail Crescent, Desert's Jewelbox

Date: 2017-01-01 02:03 am (UTC)
taichara: (Desert's Jewelbox -- tiny)
From: [personal profile] taichara
Nice, quiet sort of day; the best kind of day, if you asked Ismail. Antiluna was filled with quiet busy-ness; the other colonies of the Sisters reported in fair crops, interesting genetic recombinations, and general well-being; and there were no reports of archaeological scavengers, looters, wildcat miners or other nuisances on Gaia's face to have to deal with ...

What in Gaia's --

Sliding doors were not known for their ability to be slammed open, but somehow Ismail's office door just did exactly that. Hard enough for it to wedge in its tracks, no less. It was an impressive demonstration of sheer aggravated pissiness and he applauded the door-slammer's effort in completely FUBARing his private space --

"Ha ha, very funny, Commander."

Jewelbox's ears slicked back to her head in a jangle of earrings. Her muzzle was wrinkled with the desire to snarl; one hand was still planted on his hapless door's edge, and her plumy tail was the size of three tails. Well, that was probably not the best sign in the world.

What's gotten into her? Sahara Unit was doing survey work, not exactly what I'd call taxing ...

"Come on in, Jewel, what happened this time? Because it must be spectacular if you're mangling my only hope for privacy --"

"I hope you like playing referee between warring teams. Oh, and I'm on one of them. Here."

She slammed a data spike onto his desk and poured herself into a chair, crossing her arms and waiting, just waiting for his reaction. Eyeing his lieutenant quizzically, Ismail picked up the spike and slotted it, waiting for the files to register in his field of vision ...

What. What the hell.

"I see that look --"

Something throbbed in his face, the first warning sign of ichor leakage. Damned scarring. Reflexively he pulled a square of synthsilk out of a drawer and clapped it to his cheek with one hand while the other raked through the tawny shag of his hair. Yeah, yeah, of course you see that look. Ismail had not a doubt he was sporting a glorious one.

"Seriously. You're seriously telling me that we just lost how many acres of forest to Fiesta's ... overenthusiastic elephant repopulation project?"

Jewelbox snorted, flicking her wings so they rattled against her mottled hardsheath.

"You saw how many, come on, Commander. And yes, I know -- we both know -- that the repopulation project is something that the Council's been needling about for at decades, but the ornery beasts wandered off the ranch and here we are. That's, what, a century's worth of old growth mulched into the ground?"

"I know. I know, damnit."

It was rather hard not to, with tallies and image captures scrolling up his peripheral vision. Ismail heaved a sigh, inching his fingers and their ichor-stained silk across his face just enough to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"File an official report if you haven't already and I'll bring it up when I wrangle the Council meeting in a standard day. It's not like another day or two's going to bring the trees back. Are the herds moved back where they belong, at least?"

Jewelbox -- grudgingly -- allowed that they were. He ignored the metallic staccato of her gauntleted fingertips drumming on his desktop and plowed doggedly on.

"Good. I'll requisition a bioculture lab and maybe we can salvage some of the forest; it's not ideal but I don't think copying home-grown trees is cheating exactly."

He mustered a wry little smile, enough to make Jewelbox slowly pivot one ear forward questioningly. He shrugged.

"Go get your report done and meet me down on the fifth park level? I think we'll both need a drink after this."


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