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Life has kicked me in the nads in a major way, so I'm sorry this is late!

M/March master list! Please tell me if I've missed or mistagged anything.

Ace Attorney

Klavier/Apollo, "Stupid Things To Apologize Over" (by [personal profile] sarajayechan)
Phoenix/Edgeworth, "Beyond Black and White" (by [personal profile] sarajayechan)

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Fates, Niles/Leo, "there are worse ways to fall asleep" (by [personal profile] sarajayechan)

April's challenge is:


Got some girlslash? A lady bromance? Sisters (whether bound by the blood of the battlefield or the water of the womb)? Femmes fatales? This is where it all belongs. Let's have some ladies!

If your work has spoilers, please add an [S] tag to the comment title. If it has mature content, please add an [MA] tag.

This theme challenge will end on April 30th, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.

"Just Like That" (Sailor Moon, Makoto/Minako)

Date: 2017-04-09 01:46 am (UTC)
sarajayechan: how could I ever call this ship nonsensical look at this cute art look at Minako's arm (Makoto/Minako)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
Depending on the kind of day you were having, something as simple as not having enough money for an ice cream cone could be the end of the world or just a tiny annoyance. If the day had been a few degrees hotter, it would have been the former.

"Oh, well," Makoto shrugged. "We're not too far from my apartment, I can go grab more money."

"No, wait." Minako smiled, emptying her purse into her hand. "Together, we have more than enough for one cone. So...why don't we share?"

So they did. The woman at the cart gave them an odd look, but said nothing as she scooped them a cone of cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles. Even choosing a flavor they both liked was easy, but Makoto had yet to meet anyone who disliked cookie dough.

They sat down on a bench, the treat clasped between their hands as they lost themselves in the cool sweetness. Makoto tended to lick, while Minako was more of a nibbler; it was something she'd always halfway noticed when they ate ice cream together, but seeing it up's kind of cute. No, it's really cute...she's really cute.

Every now and then, their noses brushed or her tongue nearly touched Minako's lips. This was kind of a messy way to eat, but right now she couldn't think of anything better.

So cute...

Halfway through their snack, Makoto realized something she probably should have, why the clerk was giving them such an odd look.

"Minako," she said, licking a drip of ice cream from her hand, "this is what couples do on dates, isn't it?"

"You mean we're not on a date?" She waited for Minako to wink or giggle, but her face was completely serious and Makoto couldn't help but grin a little.

"So that's that, then?"

"I guess so. We're dating!" Minako giggled. "Boy, that was easier than I thought...kind of a letdown, though, I expected something more dramatic."

"Well, if you want to buy me some flowers later, I wouldn't mind."

"And if you wanted to leave a sappy letter in my locker, I'll act surprised when I find it." Minako leaned closer. "By the've got a little ice cream on your upper lip."

"And you've got a sprinkle on your lower lip..."

The first kiss wasn't a burst of fireworks or bells ringing, but it was no less incredible. Soft and sweet, tasting like cookie dough and comfort.

The ice cream was half-melted by the time they finished.
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